19 de julio de 2009

All the real girls.

A veces la realidad se come a la fantasía.
Somos chicas reales, con huesos y carne. Carne que siente, huesos que se rompen.
¿Y saben qué? De nuestros ojos sale agua y de nuestra boca palabras inteligentes, olemos rico y carajo podría jurar fidelidad eterna a aquel que prometa comer peanut butter conmigo los fines de semana.
Y aquí random quotes de esta película tan hermosa:

She:Last night I had a dream that you grew a garden on the trampoline and I was so happy that I invented peanut butter!
She: You're the first person that I've wanted to tell that to, 'cause your the first person that I've wanted to talk to for more than five minutes... ever.
Him:I'm looking at you right now and I hear you talking and all the words that are coming out of your mouth are like they're coming out of a stranger. Why don't you put your fucking hair back on and come back, just come on back.

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